Voice Intern

The Virtual Assistant for Data Driven Clinicians

Phone with voice assistant

Why did we build this?

Doctors and nurses

We believe that time spent documenting is time lost with the patient

What can it do?

Say what you want to capture

Complains of Fever and cough since 4 days

Chief Complaint


Cough with Fever


4 days



Ask questions on your data

How many patients did I have with fever in the past week?

Analysis Response




Subtype of Fever in Problem/Diagnosis

Time period

11/12/2020 to 18/12/2020

How does it work?

Step 1

Data entry

Coding on laptop

While Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning have their place in our product, we believe that they are not accurate enough for complicated medical data yet.

Trained professionals listen to your voice and transcribe your data realtime to ensure quality.

This data is compliant with the openEHR standard and all coding is done using SNOMED CT and LOINC. We also support conversion to FHIR, compliant with NDHM profiles.

By design, you own your clinical data. This data is separated from the patient's personal details to protect privacy further. You can store this data with us, or choose any openEHR clincal data repository of your choice.

Step 2


Coding on laptop

The questions you ask are processed by data analysts with an understanding of your speciality. These are converted into queries that can be run on your clinical data repository.

This means that you can ask any question on the data that you record, as long as it can be understood by another practitioner. This allows you to ask complicated questions without going into the details.

Every time you ask a new question, we get more prepared to answer similar questions faster.

However, unlike data entry, analysis is not real-time. You will be notified of the results once they are available.

For developers

Coding on laptop

You can integrate Voice Intern into your product through our API

We would love to help you put your data to use

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